YES Yakushima guide team


Steve comes from England and he arrived to Japan (Tottori Prefecture) in 1999. After visiting Yakushima in 2008, Steve & his wife moved to the island in 2010. He is the proud father of two daughters.

Steve`s outdoor lifestyle began when he was 11 when his science teacher (Mr Linn) would regularly take students out hiking in Northumberland. From then on, hiking and camping became an obsession that finally led him to fulfill his dream by living in Nepal and undertaking numerous Himalayan adventures. Steve considers life as a Yakushima guide has a privilege.

Steve & climbing partner (Con) at Langtang, Nepal.

Steve`s interests are things historical and botanical. When not guiding on Yakushima he makes furniture in his workshop using the local sugi and tends to his chickens!


Mike comes from England and he arrived in Japan in 2012 and moved straight to one of the smallest inhabited islands in Japan – Geruma Island in Okinawa. The island has a population of 50 people!
Mike lived on Geruma for 6 years where he married his wife and operated a small business. The Okinawan islands offered the idyllic “relaxed” lifestyle, but without mountains there was a big void in his life. The challenges of becoming a Yakushima guide beckoned and Mike moved to Yakushima in 2018.

Mike on the summit of Nagatadake (1,886m) during the Nagata village pilgrimage.

When Mike is not guiding in the forests and mountains he goes trail running in the mountains! He also enjoys kayak-fishing, music, food and drink.