Yakusugi Land and Yamato Sugi

yakusugi landWhile Jomon sugi may be the tree that eveyone wants to see, there are other cryptomeria trees that may not be as old, but are just as impressive as Jomon sugi.  You can usually be alone with them as you sit and have lunch under its canopy.  Yamato sugi is one such tree.  Anyone wishing to experience the 'real' Yakushima forest should consider booking this tour.

The hike begins from Yakusugi Land and it offers a flavour of things to come as you pass by Buddha sugi (@1800 years old).  Within 30 minutes you leave the established Yakusugi Land trail and enter the 'real' forest walking along the less established Ishizuka Trail.  This trail is rarely walked by trekkers and so you are usually alone most of the time.  There are some wonderful trees along this route and one tree that will particularly impressive. 

P1050184After a 2 hour walk you arrive at Yamato sugi – just in the UNESCO boundary area.  Yamato sugi (@3000 – 3500 years old) sits in a quiet valley and sitting by the old tree taking lunch is recommended.     

Yakushima – Yakusugi Land from Riwen on Vimeo.

Level 3/5  |  Distance: 10km | Time 7-8 hours | Altitude 1000 ~1200m

Guide Rate (per person)

1 person: 26,000円  |  2 people: 13,500円  | 3 people: 12,500円  |  4 or more: 11,000円

Included in the guide rate: lunch bento | transportation

From April 1st 2017 visitors entering the Yakusugi Land forest aged 15 years or over are requested to pay a 500 yen National Park entry fee.  Please make this payment at the National Park entrance on the day of the tour.

BOOK THIS TOUR and/or ask YES for more details.

Cancellation Policy

A cancellation charge will be waivered only if adverse weather prevents the guest from arriving to Yakushima, or adverse weather forces us to cancel the tour.  Under all other circumstances if a the guest cancels a tour then cancellation charges apply.

Cancellation Charges

7 days in advance Free
64 days in advance 30
3 – 2 days in advance 50
1 day or on the day 100