yakushima overnight tours

A great way to experience Yakushima for those requiring more of an adventure to their visit to Yakushima would be to book a YES Yakushima Overnight Tour. 

Of the two Yakushima Overnight Tours then the Miyanouradake & Jomon Sugi 2 Day Tour is a more physically demanding hike – especially the first day.  Climbing to the top of the island is always a great achievement and if the gods are kind then the skies will be clear to give superb views. 

The Shiratani Unsuikyo & Jomon Sugi 2 Day Tour goes & returns along the same route and the benefit of this is that Shiratani Unsuikyo is always worth a second visit (or more!). 

If you book a Yakushima tour with YES we will also be happy to RESERVE your Toppy & Rocket hydro-foil tickets to Yakushima.

 BOOK this Tour and/or contact YES for more details.