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South East & South

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Paradise Farm (ファームパラダイス) – Nakama
As you drive in the south west section of Yakushima then just south of Nakama is a small wooden building
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S-Mart – Kurio
S-Mart is located in the centre of Kurio.  It sells the usual daily groceries including toiletries, vegetables, foodstuffs & beverages.
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Koidamari Ceramic & Candle (恋泊) – Koidomari
Koidomari are multi-talented producing work in ceramic, enamel and wax.  The gallery is worth a visit.  Koidomari also operate ceramic
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Acoop Supermarkets
There are 3 Acoop supermarkets on Yakushima – Miyanoura, Anbo & Onoaida.  They stock all the usual groceries and usually
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Kei Nakamura Jewellry – Hirauchi
Kei Nakamura Jewellry make quality handmade jewellry in gold, silver and stones.  The boutique shop is only open one afternoon
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Shinpachino Kama (新八野窯) – Hirauchi
  Shinpachino Kama (新八野窯) is situated in the very south of Yakushima in Hirauchi.  Shinpachino Kama use a traditional wood-fired
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Honu – Mugio
Honu make handcrafted accessories with a Yakushima theme.  Their products are made from a variety of materials including wood and
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Pontankan (ぽんたん館) – Mugio
The Pontankan is a large souvenir shop stocking all kinds of Yakushima gifts : wood craft, teas, essence oils, fruit
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Asence Wood Craft (アセンス工房) – Hirauchi
Asence Wood Craft make novelty souvenirs from the local wood.  Themes re influenced by the Yakushima natural world, so expect
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