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Suginoya (杉の舎) – Koseda
Located at the entrance to the Yakushima Airport Suginoya have a range of quality Yakushima wood products.  Some of the
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Yawaraca (やわら香) – Kusugawa
Yawaraca extract fragrant oils from various plants and trees found on Yakushima.  The process can be observed within the premises. 
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Catch the Beer Brewery – Koseda
Catch the Beer micro-brewery opened in 2017.  They currently produce a handful of beers including Yakushima IPA, Tankan Orange Pale
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Drug 11 (ドラッグ・イレブン) – Koseda
Drug 11 stocks a wide range of toiletries, simple ailments and first aid supplies.  The shop also has a 100
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Nenek Massage – Koseda
Nenek offer reasonably priced massage sessions that may be considered well worth it after a full day`s hike on Yakushima. 
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Yakushima Messenger – Koseda
Yakushima Messenger is an outdoor clothing and gift shop located about 2 minutes drive from the airport in the Anbo
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Somes – Koseda
Somes stock EVERYTHING.  And if they don`t stock it then they can get it!  Foodstuffs, clothes, DIY, fishing tackle, hiking
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Matsuda Shoten (松田商店) – Funayuki
  Matsuda Shoten (松田商店) sits on the main road leading into Anbo from the airport.  It specialises in minced flying
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Hachimanju Tea Shop (八万寿茶園) – Koseda
Hachimanju are the oldest tea produces on Yakushima – they began producing tea in 1985.  Hachimanju are proud of their
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Gakunan Yakusugi (岳南) – Koseda
Gakunan produce high-end Yakusugi work.  The upstairs gallery holds an extensive and impressive exhibition of work from small trinkets to
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Pukarido (ぷかり堂) – Koseda
Pukarido is a gift shop with a selection of attractive and delicious Yakushima products, located approximately 5 minutes by foot
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Drugstore Mori – Koseda
Drugstore Mori located about 500m north of the Yakushima Airport.  This drugstore is the biggest shop on the island.  
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