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Marukatsu Suisan (丸勝水産) – Isso
Marukatsu Suisan Ltd (丸勝水産) is situated along the main road to the north of Isso village – the way to
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Jane Kan (ジェーン館) – Nagata
Jane Kan is located along the main road leading into Nagata.  Jane is Yakushima`s most famous turtle.  The shops stocks
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Baba Suisan Ltd (馬場水産) – Isso
Baba Suisan Ltd (馬場水産) is situated in Isso in the very north of Yakushima.  The fish processing plant was established
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Yakushima Camphor Garage (屋久島楠ガレージ) – Isso
Yakushima Camphor Garage extract oil from camphor trees to make the multi-purpose camphor oil.  The owner is happy for visitors
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Maruichi Store (まるいちストア) – Isso
Maruichi Store is located in the centre of Isso.  It sells the usual daily groceries including toiletries, vegetables, foodstuffs &
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