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Sen no Ie (仙の家) – Miyanoura
Sen no Ie is located along the road that leads to Shiratani Unsuikyo.  The interior of Sen no Ie is
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Acoop Supermarkets
There are 3 Acoop supermarkets on Yakushima – Miyanoura, Anbo & Onoaida.  They stock all the usual groceries and usually
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Yakuden (ヤクデン) – Miyanoura
Yakuden is a large supermarket located near the entrance to the Miyanoura Port.  Yakuden have a grocery section, a household
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Mam’s Cookie Studio – Miyanoura
Mam's Cookie Studio's speciality is their famous Nagata Salted Cookies.  Other recommended products include their ice cream.  They also sell
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Hirami Bakery (ひらみ屋) – Miyanoura
Hirami make a good range of breads, pastries, cakes and desserts.  As with all bakeries on Yakushima, it is better
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Furusato Market (ふるさと市場) – Miynoura
The Furusato Market is one of the first big shops ou may see if you arrive to the Miyanoura Port. 
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Tsubaki Organic Shop (椿商店) – Miyanoura
Tsubaki organic shop hold Yakushima made organic products as well as organic products imported from the mainland. Tsubaki is located
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Wai Wai Land (ワイワイランド) – Miyanoura
Wai Wai Land is a large supermarket located near the Tokushu Hospital (Yakushima`s main hospital) about 3km south of the
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