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Tanaka (たなか屋) – Anbo
Tanaka is good place to stock up on fruit and vegetables (although we would always recommend the 100 yen stalls
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Urizungama Ceramic (うりずん窯) – Anbo
Urizun Ceramic are located about 2 km south of Anbo.  A sign on the main road leads to a small
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2Cozo – Anbo
2Cozo (pronounced 'nikozo) is a small craft shop selling handmade wooden crafts from reclaimed Yakusugi found floating down the river. 
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Acoop Supermarkets
There are 3 Acoop supermarkets on Yakushima – Miyanoura, Anbo & Onoaida.  They stock all the usual groceries and usually
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Shiiba (しいば) – Anbo
Shiba stock a range of groceries, beverages and a good bakery area. Open : 08:00 – 20:00 Closed : Tuesday
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Takeda Sangyo (武田産業) – Anbo
Takeda Sangyo is large Yakushima gift shop situtated on the main road north of central Anbo.  Takeda Sangyo stock a
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Woodshop Kikori – Anbo
  Woodshop Kikori is a few minutes drive south of Anbo on the main road towards Onoaida.  The owner is
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Hiro Bakery (ヒロベーカリー) – Anbo
Hiro Bakery produces quality bread and cakes.  It`s popular and so the shelves begin to look bare by the mid-afternoon.
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Seirios – Anbo
Seirios are located just north of the Anbo Bridge.  This gift shop sells Yakushima-made products as well as imported products. 
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Pon Pon Footwear (靴工房ポンポン) – Anbo
Pon Pon make high quality handmade leather footwear. They can also make custom-made footwear, but there is usually a long
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Sugisho (杉匠) – Anbo
Sugisho is where the coach tours `take` their guests during the Yakushima bus tours.  A couple of large buses are
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Kouma Toy Shop (仔馬玩具店) – Anbo
Stepping into Kouma Toy Shop is like jumping into a time machine and going back a handful of decades.  The
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