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Since YES Yakushima went online in the spring of 2013, we are very happy to have successfully dealt thousands of inquiries each year. Every single inquiry is different and each one gets our personal attention.  In our impersonal era of automation, YES make a welcomed change to your usual vacation planning by providing a personal response to all our inquiries. 

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The following selection of comments are from some of our many happy customers dating from 2013 – 2015 (before we offered comments on Tripadvisor) :

I must say, after Googling around for the past few days, I wish I found this site earlier.  The wide selection of services offered here, and in English nonetheless, is impressive to say the least!
Priscilla, Jan 2015

Thanks so much for all your help and your fantastic site!

Jennie, Jan 2015

We rented the car and booked our lodging though YES Yakushima. Easy and efficient service. Very nice people. We loved where we stayed at (cottage Views Koshima): quiet, very nice views, and lovely place. Highlander recommended. As for Yakushima We loved the place and stayed 4 days (hiking and beach)

Jacques Oct 2014 

I will certainly forward your email on to the rest of the family. We all agree, the experience was fantastic!

Thanks so much again for all your help and patience!

Janice & family, October 2014


Thanks for your excellent tour services today! We went to the BBQ restaurant that you recommend us. It’s also good. 

We did have a nice trip here. You guys are so helpful and nice. Thank you very very much!
Thankssssss,    Bonnie & Frank, October 2014


I want to thank you for the tours over the last 2 days. It was truly incredible and I couldn’t imagine

exploring the island without your guidance.

Hope to come back again soon.
Warm wishes,
Roman, October 2014

On behalf of George, Nic, Morgana and myself, I’d like to thank you very much for the past few days. We really enjoyed ourselves.

Anton, October 2014




Simon FamilyWe just came back from Yakushima and it was simply wonderful. Thé weather, the 2 hôtels, the people, thé forest and… thé sea.  It was our last stop in Japan and we will never forget it.
So we want to say you thank you for your service.  We wanted to say it to you personally but we had not thé occasion to meet you.
We will, of course, recommend yes yakushima to thé people who want to visit Japan.           
Simon Family, August 2014


Just wanted to say thank you very much for helping to arrange my dive for today. I had a fantastic time and the dive instructor (Nakamura-san) was really patient and knowledgeable, I would definitely recommend him!
Best wishes,                                      Kristy,  August 2014

We don’t speak Japanese and there’s not a lot of information on Yakushimas different destinations in english, we did all our booking arrangements through a lovely little guiding company called “Yes Yakushima”. Steve and Helen @Yes are both English, but could just as well have been locals, taking their warmth, knowledge and language skills into consideration. Highly recommended.

Frederik August 2014

Thanks so much. let me say what a pleasure and ease it is dealing with your service.

Michael, August 2014







So thank you again for a truly wonderful holiday.  We couldn’t have done and seen all the wonderful things we did without your help.  We will be telling everyone to visit yakushima and get in touch with you and we hope that one day we’ll be back for a hike up that mountain when the boys are bigger.
Rachel & family, August 2014

Julie & Michel (France)
I was totally stunned when I read your e-mail: I know that service in Japan is like a religion but I never imagined that you would spontaneously come back to me with a proposal. Thank you so much !
It has been a great pleasure to discover the Yakushima forest in your company.
We did not only learn about the trees and birds but also a lot about Japan and the Japonese.
Michel & Julie, August 2014

Thank you so much! The photos are fantastic! We had a great time!  Adrien and I were speaking on the plane about asking you what website would be best to write a review for you. We’d be happy to write one.






Grace & Adrien, July 2014

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience! We all enjoyed the tours so much and hope we can travel there again to experience the rest of what yakushima has to offer 🙂 
Thank you again! 
Vanessa & friends, June 2014

Abbey _ Siham (Canada)Thanks so much to the both of you for making our stay at Yakushima so magical. I’m so glad we met you both as well! We are still in Japan until this coming Thursday. Thanks for the photos. I can’t open them yet but I will when we get back and have a faster computer. Thanks again for everything!        Abbey & Siham, June 2014










With a lot of the info in Japanese, we booked everything through the YES Yakushima website in English – they made it really easy to book accommodation, ferry from Kagoshima, car hire and our night time turtle tour.
Helen was lovely and picked us up on our first night to take us to see the turtles nesting on the beach. It was incredible and Helen translated everything for us and made it an even more awesome experience.
We were even lucky enough to have a day without rain in the rainiest place in Japan in rainy season!

T&T June 2014

We had a great time in Yakushima thanks to you guys. We would love to visit again as there seems to be so much more to do.  We hope everything goes well for Y.E.S. in the future as you are doing a great job.      Regards, Daniel and Yvonne, May 2014

I used a booking service called YES! Yakushima. They helped arrange a rental car for me on Yakushima. They took care of everything and had the rental car staff meet me at my arrival point. When my flight was canceled, I opened my e-mail to send them a message and found they had already e-mailed me to check what my new plans were. They alerted the rental car staff to meet me at the ferry port. I couldn’t have done it without them.
Heather, May 2014







YES! Yakushima assisted me with a car rental reservation.  When my flight was cancelled, a YES representative was in touch with me immediately about revising my plans.  I could not have asked for a more reliable service. Yakushima is an incredibly beautiful and interesting place to visit, and YES! Yakushima made this experience possible for me.  I hope to return to Yakushima again and I would absolutely use this service again.

Heather, May 2014

The people at YES yakushima set everything up for us! We are so grateful for their help making our trip to Yakushima very easy, from accomodation to car rental to jetfoil tickets–even when we wanted to change our reservation details at the last minute. They responded to emails very quickly and I would highly recommend their services to anyone planning to travel to Yakushima with minimal japanese skills. Thank you!!

Emily: May 2014

‘M____ and I were so privileged to have been in your vehicle for the three days and were truly touched by your passion and immense knowledge.  You really do belong in such a wonderful place like Yakushima and you do it great justice in the way you represent it.  We sincerely hope your business goes well and hope you realize what a great job you did of bringing us back to nature given the crazy and stressful lives we live.  I’ll take any and ever opportunity to tell people about your home and your business.’
Gary: February 2014

‘Thanks for making it a great trip. All of the group are very happy with the 3 day tour u arranged for us.’

James: February 2014


‘Thank you for the bento efforts, we appreciate it greatly.’

Elad: February 2014





‘Thanks for all your help.  What a fantastic service!  Thanks’Maneesh's Group (Tokyo)

Phil : 2014 January



You’ve provided some great information
Please let me know how you guys get rewarded for all your excellent work.’
Maneesh: March 2014

‘We really appreciate your prompt responses and thoroughness.’ 

Kelsey: December 2013

‘Thank you for helping us!’
Christelle: October 2013

‘Your help has been really invaluable.’ 

Tessa: June 2013

‘You have been very helpful. I really appreciate it!

Logan: September 2013

‘Thanks so much for getting back to us quickly!’

Jennie: July 2013