yakushima laundry

Many hotels will have laundry facilities.  Should your hotel not have laundry facilities then fortunately there are a few coin laundries on the island.  Remember to take plenty of coins – although there is often a coin-changer within the laundromat.

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The Onoaida coin laundry is located close to the Onoiada Post Office. Onoaida 404-10, Yakushima
The Haro coin laundry is located opposite the Kamiyama Elementary School in Haro. Haro, Yakushima
The Miyanoura coin laundry is located near the junction road going to Shiratani Unsuikyo - opposite the Miyanoura Elementary School.
The Koseda coin laundry is located next to Somes - about 500 north of the Yakushima Airport. Koseda 826, Yakushima
The Anbo coin laundry is located north of Anbo on the main road leading into the town - opposite the