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Self-catering Accommodation

Sen no Ie (仙の家) – Miyanoura
  Sen no Ie (仙の家) is ideally situated on the banks of the Miyanoura River.  The cottages are also near
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Guesthouse Yakushima – Mugio
Guesthouse Yakushima opened in January 2014.  It offers a brand new, purpose built hostel-type accommodation.  The Guesthouse Yakushima aim is
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Hideaway House – Onoaida
The Hideaway House is a modern lodge style house located in the south of the island. It is located in
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Hirauchi Hot Spot – Hirauchi
The Hirauchi Hot Spot is a traditional Japanese style home located on the south coast of the island. It is
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Ocean View Guest House – Kusugawa
Ocean View Guest House is located about 10km south of the main town – Miyanoura (宮之浦).  From the Miyanoura Port
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South Coast House – Hirauchi
South Coast House is a traditional Japanese style home located on the south coast of the island. It is set
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Yakusugi House – Miyanoura
The Yakusugi House is conveniently located about 2km from the Miyanoura Port in the south side of Miyanoura Town. The
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Cottage Mori no Kokage (コテージ森のこかげ) – Funayuki
Cottage Mori no Kokage (コテージ森のこかげ) is located about 5km north of Anbo is Funayuki (船行).  The Funayuki bus stand is
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Cottage Hana Mana – Mugio
Cottage Hana Mana is in a peaceful and secluded setting in Mugio (麦生) and is over-looked by Mt Mocchomu in
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Mori no Fairy Cottage (コテージ森のフェアリー) – Mugio
  Mori no Fairy Cottage (コテージ森のフェアリー) is in the south eastern area of Yakushima in between Anbo and Onoaida.  Four
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Hot Spot Central – Miyanoura
The Hot Spot Central is located in the center of Miyanoura and is a 10 minute walk from the Miyanoura
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Hagami no Sato (羽神の郷)- Miyanoura
EXCLUSIVE BOOKING with YES Hagami no Sato have 3 cottages set in a beautiful garden on the outskirts of Miyanoura. 
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