yakushima hotels – north east

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Yakushima Hotels – North East

Hagami no Sato (羽神の郷)- Miyanoura
EXCLUSIVE BOOKING with YES Hagami no Sato have 3 cottages set in a beautiful garden on the outskirts of Miyanoura. 
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Minshuku Iwakawa – Miyanoura
Minshuku Iwakawa is in the centre of Miyanoura Town on the main road.  The Miyanoura Port is a 15 minute
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Pension Skyview – Miyanoura
Pension Skyview sits on a hill overlooking Miyanoura Town with views of the sea and the nearby mountains. The location
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Minshuku Friend – Miyanoura
Friend (ふれんど) in Miyanoura (宮之浦) is conveniently located in the center of Miyanoura about a 15 minute walk from the
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Yaedake Honkan Minshuku (民宿八重岳本館) – Miyanoura
Yaedake Honkan Minshuku (民宿八重岳本館) is located in a central Miyanoura and is a 15 minute walk from the port.  The
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Seaside Hotel – Miyanoura
Seaside Hotel is ideally located near to the Miyanoura Port with great ocean views.  You can be at the hotel
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Jomon No Yado Manten Onsen Hotel – Koseda
The recently refurbished hot spring hotel, Jomon No Yado Manten, is ideally situated just across the road from Yakushima's small
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Ocean View Guest House – Kusugawa
Ocean View Guest House is located about 10km south of the main town – Miyanoura (宮之浦).  From the Miyanoura Port
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Minshuku Yakusugi Sou (民宿やくすぎ荘) – Miyanoura
Minshuku Yakusugi Sou is situated on the banks of the Miyanoura River and is 20 minute or a short drive
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Yaedake Sanso Lodge (八重岳山荘ロッジ) – Miyanoura
Yaedake Sanso Lodge (八重岳山荘ロッジ) is set in the forest about 2km out of Miyanoura.  The location is ideal for those
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Tashiro Bekkan (田代別館) – Miyanoura
Tashiro Bekkan (田代別館) is ideally situated on the banks of the Miyanoura River.  The Tashiro family began their hotel business
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Minshuku Yaohachi (民宿八百八) – Miyanoura
The Yaohachi Minshuku is located above the Yaohachi Bento shop about 50 metres north of the Miyanoura River on the
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