Yakushima Fruit Garden – Nakama

Situated above the village of Nakama is the extensive fruit garden of Mr Iwakawa, otherwise known as the Yakushima Fruit Garden.  Head to the back of the village and you'll soon find the signs leading up to the garden.  At the car park is an entrance leading into the garden (it looks more like a jungle path) and after 50m you'll come to a Bali-style shack.  Pay your entry fee here and the enigmatic Mr Iwakawa will take you on a 15 minute tour around his garden, pointing out various tropical fruits, plants and flowers along the way. 

At the end of the tour you'll be given a generous plate of seasonal tropical fruit to share and sample.

Open: 08:00 – 17:00

Entry: Adult 500 yen   Children 250 yen

Nakama 629-16, Yakushima

Tel: 0997 48 2468


Fruit Garden 06

Fruit Garden  Fruit Garden 05

Fruit Garden 03 

Fruit Garden 02

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