yakushima eating out – south east & south

The south east & south section covers a large area.  There are some good cafes in the region.

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South East & South

Sushisho (すし将) – Onoaida
Sushisho serve local fish and specialize in sushi. They also offer Yakushima venison dishes. Set meals are also on offer.
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Nomad Cafe – Haro
Nomad Cafe is a popular cafe along the main road running through Haro (原).  The serve good cakes and desserts. 
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Yakushima Vita Kitchen – Mugio
Yakushima Vita Kitchen (Y-Vita)  is located along the main road in Mugio (麦生) on the right hand side if you
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Yakushima Gelato Sora Umi (屋久島ジェラートそらうみ) – Mugio
Yakushima Gelato Sora Umi offer a selection of gelato ice cream made from an abundance of fruits grown on Yakushima. 
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Naa Yuu Cafe – Hirauchi
Naa Yuu Cafe is located in the south of Yakushima in Hirauchi (quite close to the Hirauchi sea onsen).  There
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La Table – Hirauchi
La Table is a French cuisine-based restaurant using the locals ingredients of Yakushima.  The dinner menu has two options of
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Cottage Davis – Mugio
Cottage Davis are small accommodation that open up their kitchen for a few days a week at lunch time.   Check
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Ajitoku (味徳) – Onoaida
Ajitoku are one of the few restaurants in the Onoaida Village.  The restaurant is on the main road running through
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Orion (オリオン) – Haro
Orion in Haro serves a variety of dishes from an extensive menu.  Dishes include meats, fish, burgers, soups, gratin and
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Matsutake (松竹) – Kurio
Matsutake is a popular noodle restaurant in the south west of Yakushima.  It is one of the last places to
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Peita (ペイタ) – Onoaida
  Peita (ペイタ) is a bakery & confectionary in Onoaida.  You can find it on the road just past the
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Yakushima Fruit Garden – Nakama
Situated above the village of Nakama is the extensive fruit garden of Mr Iwakawa, otherwise known as the Yakushima Fruit
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