yakushima eating out – Miyanoura

Being the main town on the island then Miyanoura has a good selection of restaurants and cafes.  Most of the restaurants are found in the central area of the town, but there are a few gems on the outer region of the town.

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Isso Coffee – Miyanoura
Isso Cafe roast their own coffee beans within the shop and so there is always a good strong aroma of
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YNAC Cafe – Miyanoura
YNAC Cafe is situated on the main street in Miyanoura. Offering a cheap and filling tasty bowl of udon at
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Komorebi (こもれび) – Miyanoura
Komorebi specialize in a Japanese favorite – okonomiyaki. Try a variety of toppings on a large grill in front of
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Kitchen & Cafe Hito Mekuri – Miyanoura
Hito Mekuri (ヒトメクリ) serve set meals as well as homemade pasta, pizza, Indian curry, Thai curry & handmade sweets.  Hito
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Panorama- Miyanoura
Panorama are located in the centre of Miyanoura down one of the old streets.  The menu at Panorama offers some
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Ebisudaikokutoshi (恵比寿大黒とし) – Miyanoura
Ebisudaikokutoshi are located along the north bank of the Miyanoura River. This restaurant serve a traditional set meal style (teishoku)
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Ganta (がん太) – Miyanoura
Ganta is a late night izakaya / cafe staying open until 02:00 (this is very late for Yakushima!).  Located facing
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Tokitei (四季亭) – Miyanoura
Tokitei serve good value set meals including sashima sets and black pork sets. Tokitei is located just north of the Miyanoura
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Unsui (雲水) – Miyanoura
Unsui is located behind the senior high school to the south of the Miyanoura main town.  The restaurant is a
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Isaribi (漁火) – Miyanoura
Isaribi is a small fish restaurant in the south of Miyanoura.  It is often the top recommendation given to visitors
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潮騒 (Shiosai) – Miyanoura
  Shiosai (潮騒) is a Japanese restaurant a 5 minute walk from Miyanoura Port. Turn left and head towards the
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Wakadaisho (若大将) – Miyanoura
Wakadaisho serve local fish from their own fishing boats. The izakaya style restaurant are located on the street running along by
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Kaishu (海舟) – Miyanoura
Kaishu are located close to the A-Coop supermarket in Miyanoura (on the road going to Shiratani Unsuikyo).  The menu includes
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