yakushima eating out – bento shops

Bento shops are located around the main hiking entry points – Miyanoura & Anbo.  Bento shops open early and usually close by mid-morning.

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Bento Shops

Kamogawa open early in the morning until early afternoon.  There is usually no need to order a bento as they
Asahi Bento is located on the road leading up to Yakusugi Land & Jomon sugi.  A morning & lunch bento
Shima Musubi Bento are located in the south of Miyanoura Town close to the main island hospital.  If you wish
Dekitate Bento is located in central Anbo close to the Anbo Bridge. A morning & lunch bento set is around
  Yaohachi Bento serves early morning bentos to take with you into the mountains.  Morning bentos are 600 yen and

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