yakushima accommodation

On Yakushima there is a great selection of places to stay.  Choose from exclusive hotels to shared budget accommodation.  Whatever your choice of Yakushima accommodation contact YES and we’ll book your hotel without taking a booking fee.  Many of the Yakushima accommodation listed on our website are available to book on larger booking websites.  However, when you book through YES you receive the same hotel rate and a much more personal service as we liase directly with the accommodation owners and we can answer any of your queries to ensure that your visit to Yakushima goes as smoothly as possible.  Booking with YES also guarantees that 100% of your booking fee remains within the Yakushima island economy.  To book your Yakushima hotel then contact YES.

To prevent double bookings we would ask you NOT to make the same hotel booking request with a different booking organization.  YES offer a quick response to enquiries so please consider contacting YES in the first instance.

If you have already booked a Yakushima hotel via an international booking agent and if the hotel is listed on the YES website then we can ask the hotel to move your booking to YES.. 

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To book your Yakushima hotel then contact YES.