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YES! Yakushima Accommodation Booking Form

The hotels listed on the YES! Yakushima website are all locally owned.  YES do not operate with nationally-owned hotels.   When booking a Yakushima hotel / accommodation with YES rather than an international booking agency then you will be helping our island economy and inhabitants.  If you choose to book your Yakushima hotel via an international booking agent then a significant commission is paid to these booking agents from the hotel booking fee and this means less revenue for our island economy.  If you have already booked a Yakushima hotel via an international booking agent and if the hotel is listed on the YES website then we can ask the hotel to move your booking to YES.  You would then enjoy a number of benefits including

  1.  the YES ferry reservation service – if your hotel booking amounts to more than 40,000 yen
  2. the YES English support service where we can convey messages etc to your Yakushima service provider
  3. the knowledge that you are fully supporting our island economy.

Choose YES! when planning your visit to Yakushima.

Please give us as much detailed information as possible (ie hotel budget / dietary restrictions / type of tour / type of vehicle). 

YES can arrange accommodationactivities, rental services and our highly recommended tours for your Yakushima visit.  

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If you do not receive a response to your contact form request within 24 hours then please send your request directly to our email  :  [email protected]