Yaedake Sanso Lodge (八重岳山荘ロッジ) – Miyanoura


Yaedake Sanso Lodge (八重岳山荘ロッジ) is set in the forest about 2km out of Miyanoura.  The location is ideal for those that wish to have the full Yakushima experience – day and night.  The Lodge is a very popular place to stay and we do recommend booking well in advance. 

Rooms can sleep between 2 – 5 people.  Some rooms have an attached bathroom and toilet.

As access to the Yaedake Sanso Lodge is difficult without a vehicle then we would recommend either renting a vehicle  or booking a YES tour for the day and the YES guide would pick you up and take you back at the end of the day.  If you do not intend renting a vehicle or hiring a guide then to get to the Yaedake Sanso Lodge to check-in you should first go to the Yaedake Honkan on the Miyanoura high street.  The staff would then take you to the Yaedake Sanso Lodge.

Room rates are 6,800 yen per person (room-only) for room`s with a private shower or 5,800 yen per person (room-only) for room`s without a private shower.  During peak season these rates rise by 500 yen per  person.

Upon check-in meals can be arranged at the Yaedake Sanso Lodge. 

Payment is by cash, Visa or Mastercard.

A cancellation fee is requested should you cancel your booking from 7 days before check in.

Check in: 16:00

Check out: 10:00

Miyanoura, Yakushima

Book a room at the Yaedake Sanso Lodge.  No booking fee required. 

Please note that the Yaedake Sanso Lodge usually take a few days to reply to booking requests so please be prepared to wait a few days for the booking confirmation.

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Book a room at the Yaedake Sanso Lodge