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VAN LIFE rent a car offer compact camper vans for rent. There are 2 models available; the small vehicle (bed space 180cm x 120cm)  suitable for 2 people available from 5,400 yen per day and the large vehicle (bed space 230cm x 145cm) suitable for 3 people available from  7,200 yen per day.  Both models come with a variety of basic camping equipment.  If bedding is required then an extra fee of 2,500 yen for a warm futon between October – May and 2,000 yen for a light blanket between June – September.  Insurance is an extra 1,000 yen per day.

Payment is cash-only when the vehicle is given to the guest.

The vehicles can be collected upon arrival / returned upon departure at either the Miyanoura Port, Anbo Port and/or Yakushima Airport.

Drivers must be 21 years or over and in possession of the correct documents to drive a vehicle in Japan.

If you park and sleep in the van at the mountain trail entry points and use the toilet facilities then please be sure to make a donation at the mountain entry area for use of these facilities.

Cancellation Policy

A cancellation fee is required if you cancel the vehicle rental 6 days prior to the arranged rental date.

Small Camper Van


Large Camper Van

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