Tachu Dake

Tachudake (2)The Tachu Dake course is a combination of a forest hike and mountain hike.  If you only have a day to hike on the island and wish to experience the great variation of Yakushima’s environment then this trek offers the lot.

The hike begins in the Yakusugi Land forest and meanders around the many rivers and streams, passing some giant sugi trees as well as large hemlock and fir trees.  There are a few suspension bridge crossings and during rainstorms the rivers make for exciting viewing.  This area has a logging history attached to it and remainders of this history lie all over the forest floor.

Yakusugi LandLeaving the Yakusugi Land trail, the ascent begins towards Tachu Dake.  Gradually the vegetation changes as it begins to enter the alpine regions: most notably the rhododendrons appear.  The climb is steep in places, but anyone in good health should be able to successfully manage this ascent.  Near the top the trail follows the ridge where evidence of the winds battering the trees is clearly visible.  At the summit of Tachu Dake ther is a remarkable (and culturally important) monolith called Tenchu Rock.  This is a 40 meter pillar of granite that sits upon the very top of the mountain.  On windy days it can often provide a good shelter.  From the top there are views as far as Tanegashima.  There are also views of Aikodake, Anbo and the Arakawa Dam.  

Level 4/5  |  Distance: 8km | Time 8 hours | Altitude 1000 ~1497m

Guide Rate (per person)

1person: 29,000円  |  2 people: 15,000円  |  3 people: 12,500円  |  4 or more: 11,000円

Included in the guide rate: lunch bento | transportation

From April 1st 2017 visitors entering the Yakusugi Land forest aged 15 years or over are requested to pay a 500 yen National Park entry fee.  Please make this payment at the National Park entrance on the day of the tour.

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Cancellation Policy

A cancellation charge will be waivered only if adverse weather prevents the guest from arriving to Yakushima, or adverse weather forces us to cancel the tour.  Under all other circumstances if a the guest cancels a tour then cancellation charges apply.

Cancellation Charges

7 days in advance Free
64 days in advance 30
3 – 2 days in advance 50
1 day or on the day 100