Minshuku Inakahama (民 宿いなか浜) – Nagata


Minshuku Inakahama (民 宿いなか浜) is set facing the beach & sea at Nagata.  Sitting on the verandah you’ll have wonderful views of the sunset.  There are 4 tatami rooms with a toilet accommodating up to 4 people.  The bathroom is communal. The Minshuku Inakahama menu is largely organic food.  Accommodation is 8,800 yen per person inc 2 meals.

Nagata 494-9, Yakushima

Book a room at the Minshuku Inakahama.  No booking fee required.

Cancellation Fees

50%: 7 days – 2 days before check-in  /   70%: 1 day before check-in  /  100%: on the day of check-in

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Book a room at the Minshuku Inakahama