getting to yakushima

Yakushima should rank highly on your 'must see' list of places in Japan.  However, due to its isolated location getting to the island can be difficult.   Read on and you'll discover that YES have made access to Yakushima easier than you may think.  The island may be isolated, but it can be accessed from Osaka, Fukuoka or Kagoshima by air and there is a choice of 3 ferries, ranging from super fast to super slow, all running from the southern Kyushu city of Kagoshima.

 YES is able to offer a FREE Toppy/Rocket hydrofoil ticket reservation service for guests who book any YES tour or more than 40,000 yen of our listed services (hotel, car rental, activity etc).  YES send you the reservation number and you simply collect your tickets when you arrive at the port.  Contact YES for further details.

Flights can be easily booked in English and the slow ferries (Yaku 2 and Hibiscus) do not require pre-booking unless you are bringing your own transport. (Not reccommended if you itend to stay on the island less than a week as renting a vehicle will be much more economical.)

Click on the following links to find out details and timetables for how to get to Yakushima by air and by sea.

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