yakushima hotels – south

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Yakushima Hotels – South

Shiki no Yado (四季の宿) – Onoaida
Shiki no yado is a minshuku on the outskirts of Onoaida in the south of Yakushima.  It's close to the
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Umi no Cottage Tida (海の胡汀路てぃーだ) – Yudomari
Umi no Cottage Tida  (海の胡汀路てぃーだ) is situated in the south of the island close to the Yudomari seaside onsen.  The
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Iyashi no Minshuku Tonton (いやしの民宿とんとん) – Haro
  Iysahi no Minshuku Tonton  (いやしの民宿とんとん) is situated in the south east of the island in a village called Haro
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Views Cottage – Koshima
Views Cottage in Koshima (小島) opened in 2013.  The cottage is located in the very south of the island on
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Mori no Fairy Cottage (コテージ森のフェアリー) – Mugio
  Mori no Fairy Cottage (コテージ森のフェアリー) is in the south eastern area of Yakushima in between Anbo and Onoaida.  Four
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Cottage Hana Mana – Mugio
Cottage Hana Mana is in a peaceful and secluded setting in Mugio (麦生) and is over-looked by Mt Mocchomu in
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Cottage Davis – Mugio
    Cottage Davis in Mugio opened in 2013.  The owners ran a restaurant and wine cellar in Tokyo for 15
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Minshuku Sora Mame – Koshima
Minshuku Sora Mame (民宿天豆) is located in the south of the island in Koshima (小島).  Within a 5 minute drive
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Minshuku Nicoichi – Hara
Minshuku Nicoichi  is located in the south-east of the island in a village called Hara (原).  Hara is one of
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Guesthouse Yakushima – Mugio
Guesthouse Yakushima opened in January 2014.  It offers a brand new, purpose built hostel-type accommodation.  The Guesthouse Yakushima aim is
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