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There are a number of izakaya restaurants down by the Anbo River and a few are included here.  Anbo has a range of dining options in the town and a bit further out of the town.

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Yakudon (屋久どん) – Anbo
Yakudon is the place to go if you are after noodles.  A variety of udon and soba noodle dishes, as
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Kamogawa (かもがわ)- Anbo
Kamogawa offer local dishes such as flying fish as well as traditional Japanese dishes.  A no frills, but friendly restaurant
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Jomon Drive-in (縄文ドライビン) – Anbo
The Jomon Drive-in offer good value udon & soba noodle set meals.  The service is usually quick.  The Jomon Drive-in
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San Pauro – Anbo
San Pauro is located close to the Anbo Harbor.  The restaurant serve meat dishes (including steak), Japanese curry & pasta. 
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Hirano (ひらの) – Hirano
Hirano serve a set course meal for lunch (2,000 yen) or evening meal (3,000 yen).  The food served is traditional
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Aneimaru (安永丸) – Anbo
Aneimaru is located on the main road south of Anbo.  The restaurant has recently been built in a traditional Japanese
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St Pote (散歩亭) – Anbo
St Pote (散歩亭)  is a popular riverside bar and restaurant located in Anbo with beautiful riverside views. Meals or drinks
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Jiiji Ya (じいじ家) – Anbo
Jiiji Ya (じいじ家)  is located by the old bridge in Anbo on the northside of the river.  If you stay
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Smiley Cafe – Anbo
Smiley Cafe is a cosy little eatery near the waterside, a few minutes walk from Anbo Port.  It serves homemade
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Izakaya Yashima (やしま) – Anbo
Izakaya Yashima serve good sashimi along with other local fish dishes.  The Izakaya is popular with locals and it is
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Hidaka Ya (日高家) – Anbo
Hidaka Ya serve a variety of ramen using local ingredients including Isso mackerel and Nagata salt.  Other items on the
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Warung Karang – Anbo
Warung Karang are located just north of the Anbo Bridge.  The restaurant has good views overlooking the Anbo River and
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Natsumi An – Anbo
Natsumi An is located north of Anbo town on the main road leading into Anbo. The restaurant serve a mixture
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Iso no Kaori (いその香)- Anbo
Iso no Kaori is a popular sushi & sashimi restaurant located on the main road north of Anbo (close to
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