Minshuku Yaohachi (民宿八百八) – Miyanoura


Yaohachi Front

The Yaohachi Minshuku is located above the Yaohachi Bento shop about 50 metres north of the Miyanoura River on the main street.  It's very conveniently located with restaurants and shops close by.  Prices start from 3,200 yen per person, but if 3 or more share a room then there are discounts.  There are three tatami and futon style rooms.  Prices do not include meals.  Yaohachi Minshuku can pick guests up from the Miyanoura Port.

Miyanoura195-2, Yakushima

Contact YES Yakushima if you'd like us to book a room.  No booking fee required.

Yaohachi Minshuku

Yaohachi Minshuku

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