FAQ YES Yakushima Booking Service

Q: How can YES offer the accommodation booking service for free?

A: It's simple the accommodation pays YES a small commission for every successful booking we arrange. But for that commission YES is providing not only booking but also translation services for both the accommodation and the guest.


Q: Is there any difference choosing YES Yakushima to book our accommodation over an online booking agency?

A: YES! But not in price to you, you will pay the going rate for your accommodation whether you book through YES or an online international booking agency. The huge benefit of YES is that we can communicate directly and quickly with your accommodation over any queries you have both prior to and during your stay. You tell us your query, we call the accommodation and speak to them in Japanese and then we tell you their answer. No communication barriers, no misunderstandings, no stress!  So we're not only offering a free booking service it's actuslly much, much more.

Another huge difference in choosing to book through YES is that we are a local business helping other local businesses so you can be assured your money is benefitting the local island economy. Many people are surprised to learn that the economy of Yakushima is quite weak and that the benefits of Yakushima's World Heritage Status do not trickle down to the local people who need it. There is a big move on the island by the  local government to turn this around so that the future of Yakushima's population can be assured, YES aims to be part of that.


Q: What kind of accommodation does YES offer?

A: YES offers a range of accommodation to suit all budgets. The key factor with all the accommodation on YES is that the owners are all eager to attract and cater to and welcome international guests. We have also visited every accommodation we list and are happy with the standard of accommodation it provides for its price. If accommodation fails to reach the standard it promises we will take it off our listings.


Q: What will the English ability be in the accommodation we select?

A: We can't promise that everyone is fluent in English but someone in each accommodation will have some English ability and more importantly everyone will be willing and happy to try to communicate.. Because we have a personal relationship with each business on our listings we can provide English services to the businesses in question so if any major communication problem came up we are only a phone call away., All Japanese study English at school for several years but their spoken English and listening ability may be rusty. If you have difficulty communicating we suggest writing down your request, as Japanese people are often much better at reading and writing in English.