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YES offers a range of guided activities in English and a free booking service to help you arrange your accommodation, activities, rental goods and much more. Plus all the travel, transport and tourism related information you'll need to have an unforgettable trip to this unique World Heritage Island paradise.

The island of Yakushima is off the beaten track, stunningly beautiful and one of the most un-spoilt and pristine environments you can visit in Japan.  The only downside is that it's not always the easiest place to get around if you can't speak or read Japanese. 

What is YES! Yakushima?

YES! Yakushima is a small company based on Yakushima. Our aim is to help make Yakushima more accessible to international visitors by offering as much up to date Yakushima-related tourist information in English as possible. We want to help international travellers access all the great services here, that's why we offer a free YES Yakushima booking service. We also aim to fully support our island and so by booking with YES Yakushima then ALL of your booking fee enters our local economy and helps our island.  We hope that these two reasons alone are enough to convince you that booking with YES Yakushima is the right choice.


When you contact YES for a booking enquiry then we ask guests NOT to make bookings with other organizations as this leads to double bookings and associated problems.  Your enquiry will receive a personal response and we shall aim to find the right accommodation for your budget and activity itinerary on Yakushima.   


Whether it is booking accommodation, an activity an island tour, a hiking guide, rental equipment just click on the contact us form and mail us your requirements and let us take care of it. Click here for FAQ about the booking service.

We've also got lots of information about Yakushima, how to get here and what you can do here.  Check out Yakushima maps to find out where everywhere is and get printable English maps of the local towns. Find the bus timetable in English under Yakushima Links.

If you click on the YES listing menu on the right, you can find English information and details of many Yakushima services available on the island: from accommodation to eating out, shopping to activities, rental cars to emergency services.

YES can also make getting to Yakushima a little easier by reserving your Toppy & Rocket hydro-foil tickets.  This hydro-foil reservation service is available if you take a YES Guided Tour or book over 40,000 yen of services from the YES Yakushima Services Menu (eg hotel, car rental, activity etc).  Contact YES for more details.

If you only have a few days on Yakushima and would like to see and do as much as possible then YES can design a tour package to suit you.  YES can design tour packages for individuals, families as well as larger groups.  YES tours all include transport, and insurance. Full day tours will also include a Japanese bento (packed lunch).

Finally, we really do encourage visitors to Yakushima to consider a YES tour as these tours reveal so much about this island and we feel it is a great shame that visitors go out of their way to visit Yakushima and yet never get to know Yakushima – its ecology, history and culture.  Receiving UNESCO recognition has obviously helped the island become a major tourist destination, but in many ways the UNESCO recognition has pushed the greater amount of the island's treasures to the side.  Walking through our forests and mountains without knowing the area's significance could mean that you are anywhere or nowhere in particular.  Our YES tours leave you in no doubt that you have experienced a special place – Yakushima.

  Contact YES for more details.


YES header photo taken in April 2014 © Tom Horton, Further to Fly Photograph

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